I occasionally like to share useful links on getting web hosting because someone is ALWAYS asking me about setting up sites.

Doteasy.com is currently offering one year of free web hosting with a .com, .net, or .org domain registration for only $7.95. The hosting includes 100MB of storage, 1 gb data transfer, 10 email addresses, and can host multiple domain names.   Best of all… there are NO ADS. No, 100mb is not a LOT of space, but it’s perfect for a few simple 1 page sites. You MUST enter coupon code 1003BPM to get the deal.

They also offer a couple of other web hosting packages such as Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting. These come in either Linux or Windows flavors. When signing up you can also add Spam & Virus protection to your email, upgrade to MailPro, or even choose to install a Photo Gallery.

There are several tools available on the site to help someone not quite so html savvy get a site setup easily and within minutes.

Consider looking into Doteasy.com if you are looking for a quick and reasonable solution to setting up a website.