I just noticed this morning via my Google Toolbar that the ranking on my blog went up to a 4 sometime over the weekend up from 3. This is good news to me. I had problems with Google PR last year and had lost all my juice. All of it! My site was a zero.

At the time I was quite busy and did not care at all about Pagerank so I just left it that way for quite a while. Late last year I decided to merge my 2 blogs, this one, and DoubleTwinz.com. Since I was doing that, I also decided to look into the PageRank issue. I made sure that my permalinks, etc. were all working correctly. And I  basically made sure everything was up to par and not in any way violating any of Google’s rules.

Google allows site owners to request a reconsideration of their sites indexing and PageRank if they feel that these things are incorrect. If you would like a reconsideration, first make sure that everything is kosher on your site. This could include:

1. Removing old duplicate content if perhaps you did like I did and moved a blog over. Make sure all content on your site is not duplicate on any other blog.

2. Make sure all your meta data is in place. This would be your description, keyboard, and titles. It is also a good idea to make sure that your images have ALT text. I am horrible at doing that.

3. Carefully review the Google Webmaster Guidelines and make sure that you are not in violation. If you are, fix it.

4. Many say that you should get rid of Text Link Ads because Google greatly penalizes for using them.

Once you are confident that you site is up to par, go to Google Webmaster Central to request a reconsideration of your site. When I did it, it was done within a couple of days. Actually, I think it may have been the next day. I went up from a zero to a 3.

Did your PageRank change this weekend? Was it for better or worse? Have you ever requested reconsideration?