eBay Classifieds iPhone App

Along with the rename and site relaunch of the new and improved eBay Classifieds there is also a completely new iPhone app.

There are a tons of cool features added that let you quickly and easy not only browse and purchase items, but also list items. And using the iPhone camera you can easily snap photos of the items around  your home, basement, garage, or elsewhere and have it listed within 1 minute. It is really super quick and easy to use.

Some of the great features include:

  • Auto-locate directs you to your closet eBay Classifieds area using the iPhone’s GPS function
  • View, reply to, or forward ads
  • Add items to a watch List
  • When posting an ad, list up to 8 images from your camera or library

Here is a great video that shows you how easy it is to use:

Download it today and help rid your house of stuff! I will be using it this week to get some things posted. It’s so easy.

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