Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hey hey hey, welcome to my Ultimate Blog Party post!! Let’s see.. I suppose I’ll tell you some stuff about me. Hmmm… let me think of stuff that is NOT on my About page…

1. I once came 2 inches from Prince… I went to a concert at Paisley Park and some guy that I did not know saw how ga ga I was over him, so as Prince walked towards us in the crowd the guy grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me out in front of him. I let out a squeal.

2. I seem to have an uncanny knack for constantly running into NBA players past & present as I roam Β Chicago. I have run into Bob Love in Walmart AND Dominicks (he gave me his phone number!), Scottie Pippen at a Janet Jackson concert, Norm Van Lier at a Prince concert (not the one above) – he was being funny and said “I should sign Bill Cosby”, Juwan Howard at a house music picnic, and I saw Jerry Stackhouse buying massive amounts of computer equipment in a Chicago computer store. And the list goes on…

The legendary Bob Love and I in Dominicks!

3. I used to LOVE to watch WWF and WCW wrestling. Who would guess that one? I even used to go to matches. HA. My first was when I was maybe 12. I do not recall exactly. All I can remember from it is Hulk Hogan in a cage match.

4. When I was around 7 years old I said “It would be SO cool to have twins one day. I want twins.” Boy did I get what I wanted!

5. I love to sleep. If it were not for the internet, my favorite past time would be napping. (Having 2 sets of twins really messed up this hobby!)

6. I’m an only child (and I ended up with 4!)

7. I’m proud of the fact that I attended a high school were a TON of famous folk including the first lady are alum. And WY keeps cranking them out!

8. I am convinced that I have a little psychic ability. I have not figured out to put it to good use yet (like winning that 90 mil Powerball!!)

9. I can’t swim.

10. I onceΒ inadvertentlyΒ befriended a former famous porn star in an Expecting Mommy forum on iVillage. I will let her remain nameless. Very nice person! But yes.. I was shocked when I found out who she was. πŸ™‚

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The Ultimate Blog Party LIVE β€” 9-11pm EST, Friday, April 9th, 2010

“The UBP LIVE will be a video simulcast on MomTV and 5 Minutes for Mom where Susan and I chat via web cam and text chatting with YOU! We have various bloggers around the country that we will live stream in during the UBP LIVE as we talk about hot blogging topics! Make sure you are there β€” you can interact LIVE via text chatting.” (quote from http://www.5minutesformom.com/19577/so-many-ways-to-party-at-the-ubp-2010/)

Check that post for all of the other things going on!


I would be happy with any of the prizes really! I am not expecting to win anything, just in it for the fun. πŸ™‚ But if you want to win prizes, check out the List of Prizes post and make sure to include what you want in your post.