Ok, so yes.. I know I have a problem. Admitting is the first step right? I recently talked about my custom iPhone case that I ordered. I LOVE it! This is like the oh… I don’t know… 8th or so case that I have had for my phone. I love changing up the look to match outfits, moods, purses. Call me strange if you want. 🙂 Because of this though, I never order expensive cases. My favs are hard plastic, bright colors, those with bling.

I was checking out a cell phone case on My Cute Mobile.  They have some REALLY.CUTE.STUFF. I love the clear look cases, but check this one out… it is actually covered in Velvet!! “What is that??? Velvet?” HA HA HA. (Can you believe that I could not find a clip for that on Youtube?? Pesky licenses!) Anyway.. here is the case… I LOVE IT!