I have worked in IT for about 13 years. Over that time I have used many, many different products as things change in technology. One of pieces of software that we have used in my organization for quite a while is VMWare. What is that you say? VMWare is a cool technology that allows you to install and run a virtual machine on your computer or server. What this means is that you can test out different versions of an operating system on your computer without needing to compromise your work environment or reinstall your OS.

For example on my Macbook Pro at work, I have 3 different VMs running. No, make that 4. I have Windows XP in one, Windows Vista in a separate VM, Windows 7, and lastly Ubuntu Linux. I am able to run a couple of different ones at one time depending on what I need to do, or what I am testing.

One thing vital to running VMs smoothly is knowing what the heck you are doing. If you are just running VMs on your own machine, it’s probably not a big deal. But if you are going to start offering VMs as a solution for hosting applications for clients, you need training! Right now we host probably hundreds of VMs for different purposes. Some of them include an instant messaging server and SharePoint server. There are many more.

VMWare training courses can save you the hassle of fumbling around and mucking up the install by teaching you what to do before you get started. CNN Technology News often boast the benefits to using VMWare and getting training like Vmware vsphere training.

I would strongly suggest that anyone needing to host multiple machines, or in need of a development box to test on before pushing changes out to your production box (even a web server for testing blog software), get educated on VMware and all the pluses. Less hardware, less money to maintain, easy to backup and restore.