This is actually my first post for Twin Tuesday! :O) Wow. I see the tweets all the time, I send a few, but I never actually wrote a post before! So the question from Jen for this week is:

What kind of fun ideas for twin birthday parties have you tried out in the past, or have been thinking about trying?

This is a great one for me to answer at this time because I am heading into birthday season in a couple of weeks. My birthday is April 21, my girls birthday is April 25, and my boys birthday is May 12. Yep.. a house full of stubborn Tauruses.

So far for birthdays we have done parties at home with family and friends, we’ve done Chucky Cheese, Odyssey Fun World, and yard parties. My girls, who will be 7, will tell you that their favorite party was when we went to Club Libby Lu for makeovers and a dance “performance”. I had not attempted to visit there since we went or even looked up info. So when I attempted to look them up just now for this article, I was shocked to see that they went out of business over a year ago. But, don’t fret… there is another place (may turn out to be owned by the same folks if we look it up – but I have no idea). That place is Sweet & Sassy. We went to a party there about a month ago and they had great fun.

My boys since they are not even 4 yet are JUST starting to get into telling me exactly what they want for their birthday which usually includes Spiderman and Batman. 🙂

This year, we are doing something a bit different. I booked a party for all 4 together at a Bounce House in the mall near our house. So they can play until they are exhausted, have cake and ice cream, and then open presents and be done. The party will actually be on the girls birthday, so on the boys birthday wew ill probably have a small gathering for cake at home again.

Young kids are actually very easy to please. You can spend very little $$ and still have happy kids! Whatever you do for them, just do it with a smile (and lots of cake!). 🙂