Not too long ago, I shared another great tip for not spending an eye and a leg on prescription eyeglasses. When you have kids, you just never know what might happen. Because of this, I do not buy expensive eyeglasses. I shop around! The last time I actually got glasses from my eye docs office, the paint ended up peeling off the mental frame very soon. I had only paid like $75 for them after my insurance I think, and they lasted only 2 months before looking bad. So, when I took them back hoping that they would be covered by warranty I was very shocked to find out that they wanted me to pay AGAIN what I had already paid for them to repair them!!

So from now on when I buy prescription glasses I will make sure that I get a good deal. It’s easy as pie. You can still get your exam through your regular doctor. Just ask for a copy of your prescription so that you will have it on hand when it’s time to order.

Glasses used to be uncool. HA! But now they are a fashion statement and besides helping you see better, they can make or break a look. So, having a large selection to choose from is a plus. AND, if they are reasonable enough you can do like I did and order more than one pair to match your look… or your mood. Or just to have a backup pair. 🙂

Actually, this past week when I was visiting Galena, I almost broke my glasses. HA! I was taking them off and carelessly yanked the arm. They were ok though. 🙂 I am already thinking that I need another backup pair. The next time you buy prescription eyeglasses, I say hit the web and do some bargain shopping before you shell out hundreds of dollars for frames. You can get a great deal, and look good too.