Earlier this week, I discovered a leak under my bathroom sink. UGH!! In order to fix the leak I had to remove all the crap under the vanity. There was a HUGE “copy paper” box under there. I am suprised that it fit. It had fallen apart not due to sitting in water, so of course this meant it was time to clean it out. I threw away old makeup, cotton swaps, hair accessories and a few other things. And while purging and organizing, I discovered that I have a LOT of smell good stuff!! I mean a LOT. This includes sets of matching bath & shower gel, lotion, powder, bath bombs, body spray… Now yes, I knew that I had an addiction, but gathering it all in one place was kinda shocking. I love the stuff, what I can say. I love switching up my scent from day to day. And if I leave the house without remembering to put on some type of body spray or perfume? Yeah… I feel off ALL DAY. So, I keep a couple of small things in my purse or backpack, and I keep stuff at work.

And when the stress gets to me, I LOVE to take a bath in my huge jacuzzi tub. Light a couple of candles… put some music on my iPod. Oh wait, first I have to make sure that the kids are sleep, or all this is for nothing, and then ahhhh…..

I am always looking for a good sale on the stuff. I am not loyal to any particular brand, as long as it smells good I will try it out. And most people get tired of getting bath sets as gifts… not me! so if you have some great baskets that you got for Valentine’s Day or Christmas sitting around.. send them over. 🙂