As you all know I have been working with eBay Classifieds (formerly Kijiji) for a bit. Love them.  I am also guilty of having a HUGE pile of old baby clothes, car seats, high chairs, baby toys, and more in my basement! I just donated several bags of clothes yesterday, but there is still so much more to be done.

If you are in a similar situation, or are preparing to welcome a new little one and want to save $$, check out this great info shared with us by eBay Classifieds:

Welcoming a new child into the family is a joyous occasion for all, but the additional expense associated with a new bundle of joy can also be a big worry for some parents, especially in this economy. In fact, 62% of American parentssurveyed by eBay Classifieds that their babies accumulated more stuff in the first year than themselves they did in five years, at a total expense of $1,400. Additionally, parents spent an average of than $1,150 on gifts for their childrenjust in the past year.

Instead of allowing all these items to clutter up your home, why not sell your children’s outgrown items and earn back some of the money you spent? Since the kids will be home from school during the summer, it’s the perfect time to purge some unwanted kid clutter together, as a family.

In addition, from now through July 31, eBay Classifieds will make a donation for every new ad posted within the For Sale category (up to $25,000), to Enough is Enough, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for children and families. Getting rid of your unwanted items can not only help you reclaim your space, but can also help others, too!

Some of the family decluttering tips from eBay Classifieds Spokesmom Cat Schwartz include:

  • Maximize Closet Space: Utilize every inch of your closet by inserting a low hanging closet rod and shelving. An over-the-door shoe rack is a great place to store small baby necessities like lotions, medicines and powders.

  • In & Out: Once you’ve decluttered your home, keep it from coming back. Commit to setting aside an hour each month to list the toys and other baby items you child has outgrown on eBay Classifieds.

  • College Bound: If your children are going to college, buy a storage box and have them fill it with items they want to keep and store it in the garage or attic. Have them go through the box after graduation, and the contents probably won’t be as important.

  • Teach a Lesson: Turn organization into a learning tool, rather than a punishment. Let your child decide where things should be put away and support their decisions. Let your child use the earnings from selling items on eBay Classifieds to do a fun family activity.

  • Too Much in the Toy Box: Every time your children receive a new toy, have them get rid of an old one. Explain that their old toy deserves to be used, and it will make another child very happy.