So, in 6 years of watching Lost faithfully, I have never posted about it. I have only mentioned it in passing in a post about Twitter hashtags.  But yep… I’m a fan. A frantic fan. I have watched from day 1! I told my FB friends that I was going to need a support group. So, here goes… please jump in and spread the hugs, and theories!

The more I think about it, the more ok I am with the end. It did make a lot of sense. It was VERY emotional and touching, and it fit. But yes… some questions have still been left unanswered, but that is the nature of the show… they give us clues and leave it up to us to think on it and figure out some stuff.

Did you catch the Jimmy Kimmel episode? I liked it. I love that they discussed a bit of the theories and the ending and why or why not certain things may have occurred. So here are my list of questions and my opinion on my each:

1. Why were Michael and Walt not in the church? On Kimmel, they said that Michael did a lot of bad stuff, so that is probably why he was not there. But what about Walt? I think he should have been there. In the beginning, they led us to believe that he was a very important part of the island, and a special boy. So, his absence this season has been weird.

2. Eloise Hawking knew…. but apparently she did not want to move on and just wanted to hang out in the alternate world. Or… was she actually evil and did not want them all to move on? Because she did not want Desmond to tell them. Who is she really??? She was always mysterious!! And she seems to know all about everything.

3. When talking to Jack in the back of the church, Christian said “All that stuff that happened to you was real.” So, it would have been nice to get a bit more explanation about how the island came to be, what EXACTLY was the purpose of the light? Did the island actually control the fate of the whole world? Or just itself? If it crumbled would the world end?

4. Desmond supposedly caused the plane crash by not pushing the button. But yet Jacob brought the castaways to the island for the purpose of being candidates. So umm… did Jacob cause Desmond to be late pushing the button??? I cannot remember the exact circumstances surrounding why he did not push it in time.

5. How old were Jacob and M.I.B.? We got the impression from the flashbacks that they had been on the island for a long, long time. But now I think that they were actually only there was 40+ years (however old they are). I got the impression that they were immortal in some way, but maybe not.  Was their mother lying when she said that she made it so they could not hurt each other?? And that brings me to…

6. If drinking water from the stream made the candidate “now you are like me” per Jacob, what did that mean really?? I assumed when it happened to Jacob that he was now immortal, and I assumed the same with Jack. And that they could only die under special circumstances. But, M.I.B. was able to kill Jack so easily for the most part. So, was the drinking of the water just for show?

7. Poor Ben did not want to go in the church because he was struggling with all the bad things that he had done and he was not ready for his judgement. But what about the bad stuff some of the others did? It seemed obvious that everyone inside the church had been forgiven for whatever they had done. And that is as it should be. But poor Ben was not ready. He said he still had some stuff to work out. (Not really a question, I know. Just a thought!)

I’m sure I could come up with SO much more to say! And yes… I will probably be watching all of season 6 again.

See, I just thought of another one!! Desmond is truly that one that seemed invincible based on what we have learned in the past few episodes.. so when and how did he die??

Ok, another question from watching right now… Why didn’t Desmond want to take Daniel Widmore (Farraday)?

Whew… my brain hurts!