I always have like 2-3 ideas for sites and domains floating around in my head. If it’s a good name, sometimes I will grab it up and let it sit until I do something with it. This used to not work out too well since domains were expensive. Now, it’s easy. Cheap domain names make it possible to get as many domains as your little mind can think of for use now or later. Although I must admit that occasionally I come up with an idea and go to it and see that someone else has it parked and I get mad. LOL!! I say to myself “Grr, they are holding this awesome domain and not using it!”

So come on and admit it to me.. how many domains are you holding that you are not actually using? I’ll go first… I have 13 domain names. But, most of those ARE being used. I only have 5 that are not setup yet. And this is not counting the ones that I have registered for friends/customers that at some point want to start a site.

Ok, let’s here it.. fess up!