With the recent release and super fast sell out of the HTC Evo on Sprint and the upcoming release of the new iPhone 4, phone users have a lot great options to choose from. Manufacturers that make and sell phones have really stepped up their game (although some are slower than others) 🙂

I just tried to remember and make a list of all the cell phones that I have had since maybe 1994. I think I got most of them, but I cannot remember the model number of the first huge Nokia that I had, but after browsing some photos of the history of Nokia phones, I’m thinking maybe it was the Nokia 2190.  I also had a Blackberry briefly that I cannot remember the model number of, but oh well. Here is what I can remember, and I think they are pretty much in order:

  1. Nokia 2190 (I could be wrong on that model number)
  2. Nokia 3620
  3. Nokia 6820
  4. Samsung Blackjack
  5. Cingular 8125
  6. HTC Tilt
  7. Palm Treo 650
  8. Blackberry (?)
  9. Palm Treo 680
  10. iPhone First gen
  11. iPhone 3G
  12. iPhone 3Gs
  13. LG Chocolate Touch
  14. HTC Tilt 2
  15. HTC Droid Incredible

That is a lot of mobile phones. That first one did much of nothing except make calls, with each one a little more functionality was added. I cannot imagine not having a mobile phone now. I love being able to get in touch with family and friends quickly as needed, having a phone on hand for emergencies, being able to check email, browse the web, hop on social media, and generally keep up with things when away from home.

So, what do you do with all of your old phones when you are done with them? Carriers used to take the old phones and recycle them, some still do. You can sell phones, donate them to shelters or retirement homes, pass them on to children, or my favorite pass the old phone on to your parents when you upgrade. 🙂

Do you remember all of your old cell phones?