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Earlier today I tried going through the pre-order system on Apple’s website and I was greeted by a couple of error messages as I tried to work my way through the system. There were complaints of the same issues all over Twitter and Google. Several users had to try for hours before finally getting their orders. Some opted to go into Best Buy and other authorized dealers to order. Some of them ran into issues as well, some got lucky and their orders went straight through. But the majority of the day was plagued with complaints from users saying “I just want to order my new iPhone and I can’t!”

I think I tried 3 times before I finally got to the screen telling me that my account type is not supported. I knew that would happen before I started, I just wanted to see if I could get any info at all. My account is corporate, so we don’t get to do much of anything online except view our bill and call log, but nothing can be changed. Any orders need to go through our campus representative.

I just got my 3Gs at this time last year, so I think it will be a few months before I can upgrade anyway. I’m guessing 6 months.

While I wait, I will be upgrading my 3Gs to the new iOS4 in 6 short days.