Collecting data about users, shoppers, petitioners, etc. used to take some hassle. Hire a bunch of teens to stand in the mall and grab people as they walk by. Call homes and have people hang up on you (before the “Do Not Call List” was implemented), or spend money mailing printed surveys that no one would bother to return.

Now with the web, it’s easy. Post up a poll, survey or petition online and potentially get a lot more replies than you would have in an old fashioned manner.

PetitionBuzz is one such way to get an easy online petition created. You can sign up on the Join page on or even sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account. Setup is easy and fast. You are given the choice of Normal User which includes 3 ads on the petition page or Premium User which gets rid of all ads on the page.

Premium users also get the benefit of:

  • Recent Visitors
    See who’s been visiting your petition page (including IP address and Geo location!) and if he signed the petition eventually.
  • Red Carpet Treatment
    Get top priority with our webservers at peak traffic times.
  • Priority Customer Service
    Get top priority with our customer service.
  • Beta Access
    Be the first to know and try what we’re working on and help shape the development of the site.

The front page lists some of the most popular petitions currently in circulation. I checked out a few such as “To get Robert England a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”, “Bring back Opryland to Nashville Tennessee”, and “Enable paid apps for all countries…” (for Android Owners). It also lists new petitions.

Setup and petition creation is simple and clear and the petition look great and are easy to use. If you have a need for an online petition to promote online or offline, check it out.