I have worked in IT for over 13 years. One of the things that we have constantly have to deal with is training. Not just any training, but training for Microsoft Office, over and over again. I have constantly said, and I quote “Why in the heck does Microsoft have to completely change the look of everything each time they release a new version??”

If it bugs me, I know it bugs the average user. Microsoft Word is probably the most common used program out of the suite. I remember when I first starting using Office 2007… WOW!  Just opening Word and trying to do something made me burst out in a sweat. LOL!! I couldn’t find my mail merge. I didn’t understand why the “ribbon” had to be so dang different.

Office 2010 is no exception. Everything  is different yet again. GET.HELP.NOW. If you are forced to use Office 2010 and you can’t take the changes, there is hope.  Classic Menu brings back the familiar main menu and toolbars to Microsoft Office Professional 2010, so that you can stop fiddling around and get more work done. It puts all your favorite menu items back where they are supposed to be. Back where you want them. 🙂

It’s a must for organizations not looking forward to retraining all of their users on the changes  in Office 2010.