This morning I posted on how I was excitedly counting the minutes until the iOS4 update was released. The update was released at 12:oo pm central today. I had already backed up my phone which I swear took an hour, so a few minutes after 12 as soon as my iTunes said that iOS4 was available, I jumped on it. I was ready to jump, but apparently my phone wasn’t!

My upgrade went like this:

1. Click Update in iTunes

2. Wait only about 3 minutes for iOS4 to install

3. Watch phone restart with a look of glee…

4. Feel my face change to confusion when I saw the “Recovery mode” screen on my phone

5. Look even more confused when my iTunes reports that it cannot connect to my iPhone with an error message (which I did not note), and then “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode. This iPhone must be restored to continue”

6.  I restored the phone, looked at the pretty new OS for a few minutes, but decided that I really wanted my data and apps

7. Right clicked on my iPhone in iTunes and told it to “Restore from Backup”

8. Waited, and waited, and waited…

9. Waited, and waited, and waited…

10. Determined that iTunes must have been frozen. It never even gave me the “Estimated Time Remaining”

11. Start it up again, watch it for 20 or so minutes, run off to a meeting, come back and see that it is still not done. Apple needs to add a screen or something with items remaining would be nice so I know it’s working

12. Decide to give up an start over since I was still not convinced that it was working

13. Sync my apps back

14. Setup my Gmail/Google account (kinda… see below)

15. Setup my work Exchange account

And that is where I am now… testing, setting up and trying to get my non-default Gmail calendars to show up again via Gmail sync. Also, my contacts are not syncing at all. I just found out that the problem is not just mine. It”s due to an issue on Google’s end… and I quote “Thanks for all the reports. Unfortunately, Google Sync has been undergoing an unplanned maintenance this afternoon, and we have been working to fully restore the service. This has affected Gmail, Calendar, and contacts sync on all devices today since 10am, PST. Our primary focus is to get the service 100% stable again for all devices, and we’re concurrently running tests on iOS4 specifically to troubleshoot any particular issues with the upgrade.  Again, we appreciate your patience as we work to improve Google Sync. Robin” That comes from a Google employee in the Google Forums.

This has not been fun. However, I look forward to testing it out and seeing what’s new and shiny.