Mophie now has a wide variety of Juice packs and Powerstations available that are compatible with just about all mobile devices.


I have been using the Mophie Juice Pack for around 2 months when I was sent a unit for review. I have had no issues out of it at all… until 2 days ago when I upgraded my iPhone 3Gs to iOS4 when it was released.


Yesterday when I actually needed to use the Mophie Juice Pack to charge my phone, I thought it was working… until later when I flipped the switch to turn off the Mophie and realized that my phone still had the same amount of juice. The battery level had not changed at all. I decided to try again later and charge the Mophie + iPhone.  That time, I saw that the usual lightning bolt that indicates charging was not being displayed in the status bar. It was changed to a plug which only indicates power but not charging.Mophie Juice Pack

And I had the same result again last night. I plugged my phone in as usual. After it was plugged in for quite a while I unplugged it to use it and noticed that the phone had not been charged.

I hopped on Google and found some other users complaining of the same issue in the Apple Forums. I am not sure if this is a widespread problem… yet. But it will be interesting to see if more reports of the same come up as more users that own Juice Packs upgrade to iOS4.

I am not sure if I should ask Apple or Mophie about the problem. I suspect that Mophie would say that their units are not iOS4 compatible. I will wait a bit longer to see what surfaces.


UPDATE: So after waiting and searching Google as I said above I did find that more people were complaining of the same issue. But guess what? The suggestion of just cleaning the Mophie ports with canned air did the trick. How weird is that?? It certainly seemed to be a software issue at first so how the heck does that work?? Very strange indeed, but it has worked consistently for the past 5 days or so, so i think it’s good.