I started writing this post last night and I got too sleepy to finish. LOL!!


So here I sit after eating too much, napping on the couch, playing with kids, and watching a movie. This is how summer holidays should be. Well, maybe we could have been out in the yard splashing around, but the lovely children after playing in their sprinkler only about 15 minutes or so jumped on it and busted the seam. Doh!

Then, I could not find the plugger to keep the air in their blow up pool. So… no pool. Boo!!!

But right now it is 7pm on the dot. The house is silent because they are watching a movie. I am going to put them to bed on time tonight, pray that fireworks and firecrackers don’t lead to 4 little people being in my bed and get some rest….

Well that was last night. And yes, the firecrackers did scare the boys (4), but I was standing my ground. I did not want them to sleep with me because they are too wild! So, each one went into bed with a sister. 🙂 After fighting a bit to get comfy and realize that this was a good thing, they did fall alseep and sleep well. I also turned their humidifier on high which is nice and loud to mask some of the noise from outside.

I think I went to sleep at 10:45, woke up at a few minutes after 7 and I am still beat!!! But, I think I can…. I think I can….

I have to because I have much to get done today. 🙂