Motorola H17txt Bluetooth Earpiece Review and Giveaway

The Motorola H17txt Bluetooth earpiece is a really great, small, very functional earpiece that will keep you safe while driving and keep you talking while out and about.

I started testing this one right after testing the Jawbone Icon, so it was a useful to compare the two. The Motorola H17txt can definitely hold it’s own. It has great specs and functions and great battery life.

The H17txt  is powered on when the mouthpiece is flipped open.  And flipped closed to power off. The earpiece is small and can easily be folded and tucked into a pocket when not in use. It comes with a few different ear clips to find the perfect fit, or it can be used without. It is also very easily converted for left or right ear use.




  • STANDBY TIME1 Up to 7 days
  • TALK TIME1 Up to 5 hours


  • MOTOSPEAK™ APPLICATION2 a smartphone application that reads text messages (SMS) and emails into the headset, in real time.


  • 2-MIC


  • PROFILES A2DP 1.2, Headset (HSP), Hands Free (HFP)
  • BLUETOOTH® VERSION 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate


  • TRUECOMFORT™ Lightweight, on-ear style
  • DIMENSIONS (L) 1.65 x (W) 0.67 x (H) 0.39 in.
  • WEIGHT 0.317 oz

The earpiece was super simple to setup. The sound quality is very, very, very good. I can hear the person on the other end nice and loud, and I have had no complaints about them hearing me. The volume rocker is well placed, and turns the earpiece up nice and loud (a big thing for me). I have used it with my iPhone 3Gs, Motorola Droid X, and HTC Droid Incredible without issue. One unique thing about this earpiece is that using the available Motorola MotoSpeak App which is available for Android or Blackberry you can have your text messages read to you (up to 25 words). Now they just need one for iPhone.


If you would like to win a Motorola H17txt for yourself, just play with me by doing the following! 🙂 (PLEASE LEAVE ONE COMMENT FOR EACH ACTION)

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3. Leave a comment telling me why you need the H17txt.


The contest will run until Friday, July 16, 2010 at 11:59pm.

Kris McDonald is Chicago mom to 2 sets of twins, photography nut, gadget addict, travel addict, and tech blogger who has worked in IT for over 16 years. Kris figured out a while ago that she was destined to be really busy (hence the 2 sets of twins), and she has found peace with that. Read More
  • I’m Searching for an earpiece for my job and discovered this article, it’s so confusing, all i do know is that i would like
    a cobra earpiece, your post has assisted but i want to investigate a little further!

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  • Born2impress

    Following you on Twitter.

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    Subscribe to your feeds.

  • Born2impress

    I am following your blog:)

  • Randy

    I need the H17txt because of the noise echo cancelling and text function would work great with my phone.

  • Randy

    I subscribe to your RSS feed

  • lynettemattke

    I follow with GFC.

  • lynettemattke

    I'd love to win the H17txt – I need it because I spend so much time in the car ferrying my kids while trying to multi-task, and I def. need hands free!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • lynettemattke

    I'm following you on Twitter as @picpcoketbooks

  • i need the H17txt. because i don't have one & need one so I won't get a ticket while driving and talking…can't afford to pay for a ticket


  • I follow on GFC


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  • Here's why I need this earpiece, and I am not making this up: my dog ate my earpiece. Really. I managed to wrestle it out of her mouth, but not before she did significant damage. Half the ear clip is gone, so it falls out of my ear all the time, and the sound quality is no longer quality sound. Please, I'm desperate because I will soon embark on two serious road trips (first Chicago to Seattle & back; then Chicago to Massachusetts & back). I'm not taking the dog. Thanks.

    2kopeople at gmail dot com

  • Am already following on Twitter. Thanks.

    2kopeople at gmail dot com

  • I am now following your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

    2kopeople at gmail dot com

  • I follow on twitter.

  • I need this bc my hubby just asked for one for his birthday. And, he doesn't have one and drives a stick.

  • Deb

    I work as tech support for computers in public libraries, so I'm often on the phone with customer tech support at different vendors and trying to do what they ask me to do at the same time. This would free up my hands. And maybe get that crick out of my neck from holding the phone between my chin and shoulder. 🙂

  • Deb

    following on twitter

  • Deb

    wow!! I'd love to try one of these! I've never used an earpiece so this would be a great experience. I subscribe to your rss feed

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  • thienkim

    I just added your blog to my google reader!

  • thienkim

    I would love the bluetooth because I have an old school wired hands free for my phone. Sad but true!

  • thienkim

    I'm following you on twitter! @thienkim

  • I need a bluetooth because I have never owned one and my kids are on my case about talking on the phone while I am driving. They watch too much Oprah.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • I follow you on Twitter.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • I follow your blog.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • I need the H17txt because neither my nerves nor my conscience will allow me to continue driving around with a phone up to my ear knowing it's neither safe nor legal anymore! Help!

  • Already following you on Twitter…

  • Already following via RSS

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  • 1) Follow your blog via RSS. Check
    2) Follow you on Twitter. Check
    3) I want to win this headset because I didn't win the other one =)

  • 1. Added RSS (my “I learned something new today” item)
    2. Already following you on Twitter
    3. I have bought 2 bluetooth devices…one got stolen at a grocery store, and the other is hidden somewhere in this house, courtesy of my sweet 2-yr old…I last saw it in his hand, and he was heading upstairs…never to be seen again. DH refuses to let me spend the $ on another 😀

  • Wardell

    this would match my phone, and totally save me from fumbling around with my phone trying to put it on speaker during those long drives to and from work 🙂

  • Hi there… you only need to subscribe via RSS once. Did you mean to post this twice? Thanks! 🙂

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    I subscribed to your RSS feed!

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  • WHEW! I could TOTALLY use this headset. As a mom on the go, I am always somewhere on my phone and hoping for a headset that works. While I do like my current BT device, the buttons are not well placed, and it is not loud enough to hear over the radio or a window roled down. I need a device that will work in any condition and from your review, it sounds liek this is it. Also, knowing that it can read my text messages to me once I move to Android later this summer is a real plus for me, as I am working really hard on not texting while driving :).

  • NaturalNole

    I follow you on twitter.

  • NaturalNole

    I need the H17txt because recently I have become a single parent (temporarily while my husband is deployed to Afghanistan) and I spend the majority of my day being a chauffeur for my 4 year old son – work with me for 1 hour in the morning, summercamp, after camp babysitter, swim lessons and that’s only our weekday schedule! Also I work out of a cubicle and in order to make private phone calls, I typically handle many of my phone calls in the car.
    Love your blog, thanks, Andrea