The title of this post is courtesy of my friend, Kim Molfdosky who had driven the same Traverse the week before to Canada.  And actually after I finished it, it was passed on to Melisa (with one S) who took it on a trip over the 4th of July weekend. Yes, that Traverse gets around. 🙂 I wonder where it is now…

I met the very cool, very nice Connie Burke of GM at an SV Chevy Mom’s event here in Chicago back in April. Fate stepped in and I was able to get “on the list” to test drive and review a GM vehicle. At the end of June I had to take a little road trip to St. Louis. Then with perfect timing, my 10 old Jeep went even more crazy than it had been as of late and I was nervous about driving it so far (I had to leave my minivan home with the kids). I got lucky and was allowed to test drive a beautiful 2010 Chevy Traverse. You see, I am an SUV girl for sure. I love SUVs and if I can help it, every car that I own from now on will be an SUV.  I love the space, I love being up above the road, and I love having a lot of room to fit “stuff”.

I have 2 sets of twins that need car seats, and they hall toys, school stuff, and other “junk” everywhere. I have to have a vehicle that fits at least 7, so if I have to take an extra passenger somewhere along with my family, I have the room. The Traverse has a great amount of inside space. There is a LOT of leg room in the second row, perfect for tall passengers. The backseat skimps on leg room a bit, but it is fine for kids.

The model we tested was pretty “tricked out” too! Looking at the website, I think that we had every option available with the exception of the Navigation System and Dual SkyScape Power Sunroof. It was the LTZ which is the top model. It includes a lot of gadgets to play with which of course made this tech girl happy. 🙂 There was an XM Radio, DVD Player, Onstar, Bluetooth enabled speaker system to interface with a cell phone with voice dialing, leather heated seats, and even COOLED seats. Now that was a strange sensation. 🙂 It’s the cool tickle on a hot summer day right in the tush! And let me tell you…. it was hot as HELL in St. Louis the days that we were there. Check out this photo that I took of the temp on the dash at one point:


Yes, that says 104 degrees


The Traverse drove very, very smoothly. Without intending to I drove the whole way back from St. Louis myself because I was having so much fun driving the vehicle! I had my music going via the AUX jack where I plugged up my iPod. The sound system was GREAT!  I admit it, I am all about blasting music in the car on the expressway. The sound system is a Bose Surround Sound 10 speaker system, and it sounds gooooooddd!!!

Sound system


The model that we tested did not have the full navigation screen like the photo below, but it was still full featured, although if buying one I would definitely spend the extra $$ on full navigation system with the screen! (Just because it’s cool!)

Cool Navigation Screen (was not in the one that I drove)


And, with that very cool Bluetooth included, even when blasting your music you will not miss a call. If the phone rings via the cars speaker system, it mutes the music and even silences the air conditioner so that you can hear your call loud and clear. And hearing the person on the other end in stereo all around you is interesting to say the least. 🙂 It was very cool making a call by hitting one button on the steering wheel and directing the car to make a call by saying a series of commands like “Bluetooth..” then the Traverse would say “Ok, Bluetooth ready”. I was actually having a conversation with the car. ROFL!!


Rear Backup Camera


Another fascinating thing to me was the rear backup camera. I also have one of these in my Dodge Grand Caravan, but the one in the Traverse is in the rear view mirror! And the quality of the camera is very clear. The one in my van is not as bright and clear and always looks like it has a film over it (it’s probably just dirty :))

Also, like big vehicles, it beeps when backing up.  And get this… if you get close to something it beeps louder and faster! I LOVE that!! And having the camera right ON the mirror means that your eyes stay focused on where you are going. There is no angling down to look at the camera screen in dash, then back up at the mirror, etc. It’s all right there.

If I had to pick a couple of things that I don’t like about the Traverse it would be the back cargo space. It is only a mid-sized SUV though. The space is decent as long as one or both of the seats is down, but on it’s own the back is not all that great in size. It is fine for usual lugging of stuff and groceries, but going on a road trip with a car full of people might be a bit challenging.

The gas mileage is so so. It is comparable to other SUV’s of that size I think. The Traverse has a 22 gallon tank. It costs a whopping $60 to fill it up when almost on E. That was with gas priced at $2.59 down in St. Louis, so it would be more here in Chicago with gas currently at $2.77. Oh how I miss the days of $1.29 gas!! The Traverse is said to get 23mpg on the Highway and 16mpg in the city.

I could probably go on and on and on about the Traverse. I loved driving it. I felt spoiled in a luxury vehicle. I can only attest to what a beautiful, well made, easy to drive, FUN vehicle it is. I would have loved to keep it a little longer to really do some testing with city driving back and forth to work, hauling the kids, and grocery shopping! And it’s fairly new, so too soon to know if it’s prone to problems. But… it’s a Chevy! 🙂

I can honestly say that the Traverse is certainly on my list of vehicles to keep in mind for whenever I can afford to get a new car. Although I must admit, I like BIG SUV’s. I chose the Traverse to test over a Tahoe, because well… I did not think that I would return the Tahoe to GM! LOL!!! I have wanted one FOREVER. But the Traverse did steal my heart for those 5 days that I got to drive it. 🙂

The price of the Traverse starts at around $29,000 for the lowest model. But the well equipped LTZ model that we reviewed had a sticker price on it of over $40,000. Yes, I did do a double take when I looked at it. 🙂 But, I would buy one tomorrow if I had the money!

Check out to configure a Traverse today and dream. 🙂