Finding insurance for your home, auto or life can sometimes be a daunting task that we keep moving down the list of things to do because we don’t want the hassle. Unfortunately all three of those things are something that we must have. You want your home to be protected so if someone breaks in, you can get your damage taken care of and get your possesions replaced. Yes, there may be some things in there that you cannot ever replace because they mean something to you, but other things like electronics should be able to be replaced.

8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first set of twins, I went into preterm labor at only 26 weeks pregnant. I was in the hospital for 5 days. It was sooooo depressing!! I wanted nothing more than to be back home where I felt safe in my own bed. Well, while I was in the hospital, some idiots broke into my home. They didn’t get away with much. They tried to steal my husband PS2, but it was too tangled in the cords for them to get away with it, so they took all of the games. They took a few odds and ends, and one of those odds and ends was extremely important to me. My father passed away in Aug 2000. One of the things that I kept after his passing was his 30 year retirement watch from Motorola. It included a plague engraved with his initials that had not been attached yet, and had a few diamonds around the bezel. I planned to keep that watch forever, but never wear it. Well, now it’s gone. That is something that I can never replace. Video games? Sure.. that’s easy.

You never know when the need for insurance might strike. It could happen even in your business. You should get a business insurance quote to protect your property and your services. The rules depend on the state of course. What we may need here in Illinois may be different from California business insurance. If you happen to live in California, check the California Department of Insurance for rules and regulations. In another state? Check with your local department.

In either case, make sure that you and your possessions are protected.