I have posted about Alexa before here and here. The “rumor” is supposedly the better your traffic gets, the more links coming in, and the more users with Alexa toolbars visiting your site, the lower your Alexa number should become. And while in other stats we want high numbers, on Alexa we shoot for low numbers.

Well, I am beyond frustrated with the whole business. In the past month my blog traffic has gone up approximately 30% according to Google Analytics. Also, my Alexa links increased, up to 97 links in from 70. But my Alexa number has increased just about 100,000 in the past month or so. It did go back down a little, but then back up again. Overall it is now about 90,000 more than it was a month ago.

What gives??

UPDATE: July 27: The number continues to rise each and every dang day. Ugh.