Yep, this is it. It is the last 2 days of the very last month of the Lose the Laptop contest. It has been real fun. This ending is bittersweet! I feel that I learned a bunch, I expanded my Horizon’s a bit, and hopefully I entertained you.

We have talked about travel, social networking, shopping, and more. My Tilt 2 (aka Smartie) and I have gotten along just great!

Now, I would like to ask of you… no, actually I am BEGGING!! Please vote. Even if you have not voted over the past 4 months (shame on you 😉 ), please go and vote now.

Did you know that if you vote you are also entered to win $5000? Each month a reader prize is awarded along with the blogger prize. Cool huh? So far they have given away phones, ATT gift cards, & Amazon gifts cards. Now we are going for the CASH. $5000 is a pretty cool prize I must say. 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Please click on over to my latest post So this is the end huh? A love story retrospective and VOTE!

Thank you. 🙂