I watched Enemy of the State with Will Smith again not too long ago. That movie fascinates me. I can’t help but watch and wonder how much of that technology like the GPS Tracking is being used today to track our every move. We usually only think as GPS as being that useful thing in our car that tells us where to go, but the technology can be used for much more. And in that movie, paranoia ensues as the star runs and runs while be tracked in several ways.

I mean, I’m not doing anything fascinating that the government would care about and I always joke and say when I am on the phone “Let them listen, I hope they get an earful!” I’m also not trading government secrets via email, so I’ve never been paranoid about that either. However, I do preach all the time to friends, family, and coworkers DO NOT USE YOUR BUSINESS ACCOUNT FOR PERSONAL EMAIL. There is no reason for it. But that is a whole other blog post. 🙂

There are some people are really bothered by the thought that someone else, especially the government might be tracking them or listening to their conversations. But guess what? It’s not just the government that can use this technology. You can use it too. OR… some other Tom, Dick, or Harry can use it to track YOU. Yes, it is a bit disturbing. But, of course this can serve many useful legal uses. 🙂 For example business owners responsible for deliveries can use GPS to track their fleet of trucks and insure that they are all accounted for, on schedule, and where they need to be. Also, parents could use the device to keep track of cars that they loan to their teens and insure that they are safe. In fact, I think that such businesses SHOULD use this technology.

Actually, you may already be using GPS technology weather you realize it or not. Most newer smart phones include GPS. This allows you to use mapping and navigation features, but also allows a service like Google Latitude to track your location on a map that your friends can view. If this bothers you, make sure that you are not using that service. 🙂

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