Yes, that’s right. I am going to BlogHer! I am sooo excited. I kinda sorta went to BlogHer last year. I was just really realizing the whole “community” behind blogging. I did not know what to expect. I didn’t want to go down that road just yet. Plus, I think I found out about BlogHer and what it was too late. I did not have a conference ticket. So how did I get there? Well, I was invited by Kelby Carr to the Type-A Mom party. I had a ball. It was great to mingle and put faces to names.

I did not think that I was going to BlogHer this year. I just could not swing the cost.  I am going to Type-A Mom in September because I am speaking. That was going to be the only one that I was going to make this year, or so I thought. My wonderful friends at eBay are sponsoring a bunch of Ambassadors to go! Isn’t that sweet?

I have a lot of stuff to do! Now, I really need to pack! I am leaving in 2 days. What will I take?


I have an addiction to cute bags. I just ordered some cute luggage that is so “me” from Walmart. You know about this pink obsession right? Well I have a couple of other trips scheduled after BlogHer and I wanted something easy to spot at the airport. It is inexpensive, so if  I beat it up too much, I won’t feel bad. It got great reviews, so I went for it. I was not too crazy about the orange flowers, but I can live with them. 🙂 It is not so bad in person.

After checking out the first set and deciding that I liked it, I actually ordered a 2nd set so that I will have double the space if I need to.

Packed in my cute bags will be:

Gadgets – I cannot leave home without them!

1. Netbook – I have to have that. I am not going to make it the whole time just using my iPhone.

2. iPhone – Never leave home without it.

3. Evo – Yeah, I have not mentioned that yet, but I have one! Loving it so far.

4. Flip camera – For all those times when you just gotta get it on tape (ok, it’s digital – but still)

5. Canon T1i – Gotta have a great camera to capture a great conference (and NY!)

6. Lenses – for different looks – Not sure if I am taking it all, but definitely taking my Lens Baby Composer, 50mm, and my 28-135mm IS.

7. iGo portable charger, for when the Evo gets low on Power

8. Mophie Juicepack Air attached to my iPhone which gets me through the whole day.

Clothes & Shoes

I am sure that I am packing WAY too many clothes. But you can never be too prepared. 🙂 I picked up a couple of cute dresses for cocktail parties. I am planning on comfy jeans or slacks for the day sessions, and  change of clothes for night, plus some tourist clothes. I also got some new sandles, and new bra (HA), and a couple of cute t-shirts. I have decided that I am wearing flats the whole time unless I go out to a club like we might do. I do not want my feet to hurt! I had my eye on my some great wedges at the store yesterday, but they did not have my size. I may check again today on the way home. 🙂 Yes,  I have a thing for shoes.

Random Thoughts

I’m not as “serious” as some when it comes to conferences. I procrastinate. I don’t obsess over every little thing, and I pack at the last minute. HA! But I must say that I am excited.

As I am typing this I cannot even fathom listing absolutely EVERYTHING that I will take. I have seen some do that on their sites. That would take forever. Packing has for the most part become a pretty automatic thing. Although a list is great because I have been known to forget things. Clothes, etc. are pretty easy. I just start up or down pointing at myself and make sure that I have items to cover each area.

The gadgets and stuff? No so much. There is always a fear that I will forget a camera, charger, memory card, cord. So THAT stuff I have to go through a couple of times to make sure that it is all there. So that list up there is very abbreviated.

As for what to do while there… I plan to have a fairly loose schedule, go with the flow, and fit in some touristy stuff. I have not been to NY since I was about 16 years old. At that time I was with family and visiting a sick relative so I did nothing fun! I am looking forward to it this time. And I cannot WAIT to get some photos of the Big Apple.