A while ago I was ultra excited to read about the upcoming Hulu Plus and and I quickly signed up to be let into the preview. What I did not realize was that even for just the beta, you have to pay immediately! I mean, I would have kinda expected the beta to be free so that we can use it and decide that we do love it and THEN decide to sign up and pay once the trial period is over.

But when going to Hulu’s website to sign up, this is what I get:

Immediately starting today? Wow.

Now I am pausing and wondering if I really need Hulu Plus. Now, one of the devices listed when I signed up originally was Roku. But today, when i almost signed up, it was not listed. Had it been listed I would have signed up immediately!! I love my Roku. It deserves it’s own post. It is also not on the coming soon list.  What happened to it? Hmm….

I have Netflix already, and I LOVE it.  I watch a lot of online content from there and other sites. And I have been toying with the idea of dropping cable, but I’m scared! Hulu Plus would really be cool and cut down on my cable bill a great deal.

In case you have not heard about it, Hulu Plus promises tons more content than regular Hulu offering full seasons of your favorite current shows, as well as older shows. It can be streamed to several devices, and offers more HD programming.

I’m thinking that I may go ahead and sign up, and then after I decide that I love it, I’m making a call to Comcast.