I’m not.  But then again, folks who are probably don’t admit it do they? 🙂 I know a couple of them. I will let them remain nameless. These are the type of folks who are always on WebMD looking up every illness under the sun and diagnosing themselves.  They call the doctor and tell the doctor what they have and what meds they need. LOL!

Yes, it is good to be on top of your own health, but I think it is also possible to get out of hand. You know what I mean.  At a dinner party instead of discussing sports and politics, these are the ones that quickly monopolize the table talking about the pain in their neck, or the 5 different meds that they take per day. It might be a work meeting about deciding on the best group health or business health insurance for the company and they will take that opp to talk about the surgeries they may need in the future because of their several conditions.

Yeah, I know these people, and I look out for them. They are convinced that every strange sound or slight ache needs medication. It is fine with me if they want to over medicate themselves, but don’t keep telling me that my kids needs medicine when they don’t! As you can see I feel strongely about this. 😀

Seriously though. Think about yourself and decide if you are indeed… a hypochondriac!

And I’m jumping down off the soapbox!