Don’t get me wrong. I love some things about Chicago. It’s a beautiful, beautiful city if you are lucky enough to walk around downtown like a tourist. I actually had the pleasure of doing that the other day while waiting on an event and it was great! Post coming on that later. But, when watching the news, I get depressed. I know that it can be bad everywhere, but Chicago just seems to be PLAGUED with senseless violence in the summer. Day after day I watch as they give name after name of a poor young person who’s life ended way too soon in some violent, stupid, careless fashion. And why?? Usually for no real reason at all. It’s insane.

I often sit and think about where I would want to go. I don’t know for sure if I can come up with a real answer. I know some that have moved to Atlanta, Florida, California. I recently talked to some friends about moving to Houston. Now that almost sound appetizing. But it’s SO hot. I’ll be visiting Austin, TX for a couple of days next week, so I will get to experience some of that Texas heat for the first time. šŸ™‚ Now I do love the heat, so I don’t think that would be a problem. It would just take some getting used to being in it ALL THE TIME. Ā I was recently checking out for some deals and noticed that they have a moving section. I was dreaming and looking up local Texas movers and Chicago movers. I am in the wrong business. šŸ™‚

Maybe someday I will follow my dream and move to a warmer climate where the news is not SO constantly depressing. For now I am just real happy to be in the suburbs of Chicago where I can get some peace and quiet now and then. Even though the property taxes are high as hell. I used to live in the city, and let me tell you… there was no peace. Although, it was nothing compared to New York City. šŸ™‚

Where are you now? Do you love it? Or do you dream about moving? Where would you go?

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