I am still working on getting all my thoughts together for a BlogHer recap post. I think I’ll tackle it in parts. This one is about why my kids think I’m cool. You see, when I’m out and about… I sometimes have brushes with the rich and famous. They ooo’d and ahh’d earlier as I showed them photos from my trip. 🙂 Having pictures with this bunch makes Mommy extra cool!

Mommy & Marmaduke

I was standing and getting coffee I think, and I saw something huge and brown out of the corner of my eye. I said to myself “Uhh, was that Marmaduke? in the hotel?” And sure enough it was! He was hanging out and posing for pics.

Mommy & Elmo

I saw Elmo in the Expo hall and chose not to tackle him, but when i saw him the 3rd time roaming the hall I said “Ok. It MUST be meant for you to take a picture with me.”

Mommy & "The Sun" from Jimmy Dean

“The Sun” was taking a break from serving breakfast and brightening up the day. He was being a doll and posing by the elevator.

Mommy & Ronald McDonald

And another time I was waiting for the elevator and when it opened Ronald was on there! I found out what floor he was going to and stalked him for a photo. LOL!!

Mommy dancing with Miss Lori (from PBS)

Miss Lori is a doll and fellow Chicagoan so I have the pleasure of seeing her at a lot of events. She is a sweetie pie, and I have NEVER seen her take a bad pic no matter what. 🙂 And the girl can DANCE. She has a lot of energy. I could not keep up. I asked her to tell me what vitamins she takes. LOL!! More on her dancing later. 🙂

Yep, life is good. Mommy likes to hang out with the coolest of the cool!