I loved touring New York. It was even more fun than touring Chicago. The people watching was stellar. Here are a couple of my favorite shots. These are by no means artistic photography cause some were taken from a moving bus, another while rushing down a sidewalk with just my pocket camera. But they are priceless anyway.

I don't really know. 🙂 But it's stylish!

We all love McDonald’s every now and then, although my stomach always pays for it. Now, do I love them this much? Probably not. I’m betting these ladies were probably involved in the conference.

Painting yourself is one sure way to get attention.

We were only passing by on a bus, but I was told that he doesn’t move much. I think the accessories are the bomb.

Kid & Play??

Wow! I must have missed the memo that these are back. It’s nice though! This was one of our tour guides on our city tour.

Run is that you??

Actually, it’s more like LL Cool J circa Krush Groove. I must say I was really digging the All-Stars though. I even got a pair for myself…