No, this is not a recap post. Well, not exactly.  It’s more a recap on how this little girl that used to not like to travel, has turned into a traveling fool. As you all know, at the beginning of August I went to BlogHer in New York. The very next week I played tourist in Chicago and stayed overnight downtown to participate in Kenmore Style and the Mommy Blogger vs. Foodie Blogger cook off. Yeah, I was still in Chicago, but like an hour from home, so it’s still away!

I sat still for the past 2 weeks or so. Yesterday I returned from Austin, TX from a great 2 day trip with AMD. What not a tech nerd? Don’t know who AMD is? Well you should! Go Google it. 🙂

And returning from that trip was not easy! First, the plane take-off was delayed for 30 minutes because the Check Engine light was on on the plane. They needed to fix that. And they did. 🙂 We made it to Chicago safely. I had chosen to take public transportation from the airport to avoid traffic, extreme parking fees, etc. And everyone who could have picked me up was at work. Well after 3 hours, 2 trains, walking through downtown with luggage, and a bus ride, I finally made it home. NEVER AGAIN!

Now I get to sit still for another couple of weeks before it all starts again! I used to not like flying, not want to fly alone, not like to venture off to strange places on my own. Yeah well, all that has changed. Now I feel all grown up! My kids would be proud. 🙂

This year has been my first real experience with frequent travel. It’s hard. I commend those of you that travel ALL.THE.TIME. Be safe!

So, now that you have the overview. I will try to get some posts together with all the juicy details.