Since I love testing out phones, or upgrading my own phone to the latest and greatest, I sometimes end up with a few phones sitting around. Some are worth giving to friends and family if they are still worth something, but sometimes no one wants them. You should not throw those old phones away. They need to be recycled. You can sometimes get some cash for them too! Check out the below article for tips on how and why to recycle your old phone.


There are lots of adverts shown on television these days encouraging you to recycle your old mobile phone. A lot of people don’t think about what happens when they buy a new handset, which we as a society are constantly doing these days. New models of old phones are being released more and more frequently and we are constantly urged to buy the newer version. Additionally, we are offered new handsets when our contracts expire, or if we go onto a new phone contract or switch networks. The average lifespan of a mobile phone in our current climate is less than eighteen months, and the best way to get rid of those old handsets is inarguably recycle them.

The first obvious benefit of recycling is that it is good for the environment. Recent surveys have suggested that there are more than ninety million phones in the UK that are lying around completely redundant, which means more than one useless phone per person. Recycling those phones would reduce the waste caused by just throwing them out. Mobile phones contain a variety of potentially harmful substances, including but not limited to antimony, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc. If phones are thrown away, these substances could leak from landfill sites into the environment. Recycling also extends the lifespan of the remaining useful parts in the mobile, reducing the need for energy and resources to make new parts for new phones. It also makes mobile phones more accessible to people worldwide, as people in developing countries who cannot afford new handsets can often buy the cheaper, refurbished models.

The other little benefit of recycling mobiles, as you’ve probably noticed from the adverts, is that you can often get a little bit of cash in return! For newer models, the cash reward can be quite substantial, so be sure to visit a mobile phone recycling website to find out how much your own phone could be worth.

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