I always clap silently in awe at those that can run from an event and get a in depth recap up within 2 days time complete with edited photos. WOW! I wish that I could do that.

I'm certainly no event journalist - littletechgirl.com

But when I leave a big event like BlogHer, AMD, or similar, I am brain dead for several days. And I am busy thinking about all the things that were put off so that I could pack and go. I usually have a list of emails waiting to be answered, a couple of products waiting to be reviewed, posts waiting to be written, and other things waiting to be done. It’s sooo hard to just sit down and write THAT post. You know, the  recap of all recaps, the post of all posts. Then the next thing you know, 3 weeks has gone by and it is still not done!! UGH! And by then, it’s hard to remember each and every thing that you want to comment on.

Then of course there’s that other life… you know.. being a Mommy. 🙂 Those children insist on eating. LOL!! So, yeah…. gotta feed them.

So what’s the moral to the story? Just do it. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it. After a big event, write the post while it is still fresh, while all the info is still running around in your brain, and while you can get it all down clearly. Otherwise, you just might never get it done. 🙂