Hopefully for success. I have had some projects for sites in my head for quite a while. But, I am constantly working on sites for others, and my own ideas get pushed to the back burner. So, in order to get my butt in gear and MAKE myself get these sites up and running and ready for public viewing, I ordered business cards earlier today with the sites on them. HA! So now, I HAVE to get them up or my pretty new cards will just be collecting dust. 🙂 What better way than to make sure that I do it than to get it out in people’s hands??

I love ordering new cards.  I always create my own design. I changed the design a little, and decided to go with some cool Rounded Business Cards from Next Day Flyers.com.

Obviously, that is not my card pictured, but that’s what the rounded edges will look like. I have not ordered from there before, but I have heard great things. I have received a couple of the rounded cards from others before while at conferences and I really love the look. They are different and memorable. The price is not bad either.

I can’t wait to get them! It should only be a few days and I will let you know what I think. Next on the list is to update my postcards to match. I am almost out of those as well. And I will be working hard on getting those 2 sites going!! Want to help? 🙂