This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids are still young, but already they LOVE games. Their Dad loves games, and I love games so it’s only natural that they would get the bug. Right now, they mostly play on their computer, but we did have one of those dancing games for our PS3. Watching them try to do the moves is SOOOO funny. But, those mat ones are kind of restricting for really young kids. They get frustrated when they can’t get the moves just right.

But, with the PlayStation(R)MOVE they would be free to do the dances or exercise moves and not have to step exactly on those little colored pads!

They also LOVE to jump in next to me and work out when I am doing a workout DVD or game. With the PlayStation Move, we could do the workout as a family and they could actually see their progress and be happy about it. :0)

We actually need to get a new PS3 or something because my adorable son, Jayden, put paper in the Blueray drive long ago. It still works for streaming media, but I can’t load any disks. Doh! You gotta love those kids.

I’ve been waiting to get a replacement and doing some research on the features of each. With Move added, I definitely think that PS3 now moves to the head of the pack! I already loved it for easily streaming media, or watching online content. Now it can easily do Netflix, and now Move?? Oh yeah! I am all over it!

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