I have mentioned before that I have fallen in love with the Android operating system. Google has definitely given Apple a run for their money. Now of course other Smartphone OS manufacturers want a piece of the action. Take Blackberry for example. They have completely updated their OS on the new Blackberry Torch phone to try to compete with the popularity of the iPhone and now the Android.

I am still a little torn on making a concrete decision to stay married to one or the other. I have loved my iPhone for a long time, so it’s hard to let go.  🙂 Below is a little info courtesy of Phones4u to try and help you make a little sense of the choices.


Although people who don’t know much about smart phones and applications may think that Apple is the only up to date provider, there are actually lots of different operating systems that offer their own unique take on app technology.

Apple is undoubtedly the best known, providing the operating system of iPhones and iPods with hundreds of thousands of different applications. Apple’s official App Store has over 200,000 different apps to make your iPhone even more exciting! The iPhone service quickly informs you of any updates available for your apps, so you always have the newest version ready for download. The Genius feature recommends apps that you may like based on the apps you already have downloaded, and you can also browse apps by best sellers, highest rated and top staff picks.

Android is the operating system powered by internet search giant Google. Many of the first phones on the Android system were made by HTC, who also produced Google’s flagship phone, the Nexus. Due to the success of Android on HTC, many other manufacturers have adopted the system for their new smart phones. You can buy apps for Android phones from the Android Marketplace, with an ever growing range of over 100,000 apps to choose from.

BlackBerry phones were originally seen as high end business phones. With fully capable QWERTY keyboards, BlackBerrys are perfect for emailing and social networking. Many of the apps available for BlackBerrys cater to this purpose, with Blackberry App World providing downloadable applications such as UberTwitter. Although the cache of Blackberry apps is currently quite small, more and being added to App World constantly in an attempt to rival the collections already established by Apple and Android.

Samsung’s recently developed operating system is the Bada OS, but whether it has entered the race too late to compete with the frontrunners has yet to be seen.

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