I don’t post about my kids much, but when they do something awesome, I have to share! This morning I attended yet another Student of the Month breakfast for my girls. This time was extra special because by complete coincidence both girls were chosen in their respective classes at the same time. And it is only the first month of school and already they are Rock Stars!!

This is I think the 5th time that each has been chosen, although it is the first time they have been chosen together. Actually Kayla confirmed for me yesterday that this is #5. Apparently she is keeping track. 🙂 And she should be!

Their teachers always have such wonderful things to say about them. It tears me up. 🙂

I am so excited to see if this momentum will last. You know how some of us do. We are excited about school in the beginning, but then as we get older, that excitement fades. I think these 2 are special and may just make an exception and go all the way!

The Halloween Photo is just because I love that one. 🙂