I have recently gotten into using the cool QR codes that are popping up in magazines, on store signs, posters, and on computer screens. You take a photo of it with your smartphone using special software and it will instantly install an app, pull up a webpage, download a document, or whatever it is programmed to do. It’s a new fangled barcode of sorts, and the way it works is really cool.

Barcodes are very widely used. Every trip to the grocery store is made possible by several barcodes all over the products. Just imagine making a large grocery shopping trip where the cashier has to manually key in the price of every item in your shopping cart. It would take forever! But thanks to the use of barcodes, all the cashier has to do is swipe the item across the scanner and the price is inputted from the stores database. Heck, these days you can even check yourself out.

Barcodes have many, many uses. If you run a business, you can use barcodes to keep track of inventory, computers, office furniture, supplies and more. Asset tracking is indeed a big thing in many businesses and it is necessary. I have had to do it before, and it was no fun doing it manually! Having a good scanning system along with some Asset Tracking Software in place can save valuable time.

Wasp Barcode Technologies offers a wide range of barcode scanning supplies to outfit everything you need. What caught my eye was the handheld scanners. I always loved playing with those when pregnant. Wait, that needs clarification. LOL!!! That’s what they give you in stores like Target, Walmart, or Babies R Us when you go in to register for the gift registry. You carry it around the store and just point it at the items you want and pull the trigger, and BAM it’s on the list.

Hmm… makes me wish I could use a barcode scanner for organizing some things around the house. Maybe playing with a scanner while doing inventory would encourage my kids to clean up more. 🙂