Yes, I can admit it. I am officially all conferenced and traveled out for this year. I’m beat. This is October and I feel like I have been running nonstop for months. Ok. I have been running nonstop for months. I commend those that travel ALL.THE.TIME. I have gotten used to it, but I miss home, and I miss my babies. I have only 1 more VERY QUICK trip schedule and then I am sitting my butt at home FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

You don’t believe that I’ve been busy?? Bear with me. This is a long one! I do believe this may be the longest post I have ever written. This is dedicated to all those that keep asking me why I have not finished their site/post/review/photo album/header/logo, etc. yet. ROFL!!!

Here goes…

In January, I had like 4 photo shoots for various folks, a host of online events, and conference calls. But it was a slow month.

In February, I had Jury Duty, I had 8 photography events or shoots… yep, I was snapping pics every weekend! It was a busy photography month!

In March, I attended 2 baby showers, was a guest on BlogTalk Radio, attended a Sonos demo (that I STILL have not written about as awesome as it was), hosted a Paper Mate party, went to Dyson Domestic Engineers Day, then flew to San Jose, CA to visit the eBay headquarters, which was super cool. Around this time I also decided that I wanted to plan an event for Mom’s Nite Out. This involved promoting, coordinating, getting sponsors and swag, and people crazy enough to help me. 🙂 Thanks girls!

In April, not only was it my birthday and my girl’s birthday… I was supposed to fly to France for the Cannes Film Festival. That was canceled pretty much at the last minute (but they made up for it later!). But I still had other stuff to do! I did a couple of photography jobs, attended the SV Moms Chevy Event, went off to Galena, IL for a day to visit and see the sites, and attended Girls Nite Out with the Mominatrix at the Kenmore Live Studio (love that place). I also signed on to do the Lose the Laptop contest (no, I did not win any of them) which was launched with a Twitter party at the end of the month.

In May, I attended Tea at the Oprah Store, and then it was actually time for Mom’s Nite Out. All the planning paid off. It was a success. I then hosted a bday party for my honey, joined the BitMoms Blog Network, and spoke at the first ever Gleek Retreat Blogging Conference in Michigan.

In June, I started talking with GM about doing some blogger opps for them, I participated on a panel for an HP Twitter party, and in the same week an eBay Classifieds Twitter Party AND an ATT Twitter party. That weekend was a busy one in Chicago. I attended the Dark & Lovely Essence event with LisaRaye McCoy, and ended up with a pic in Essence magazine recently because of it. The same day I attended the Skinny Cow event, got a bra fitting and met Veronica Webb. The next day, I passed through Frankie’s on the Park for a family event and got cute tees for my kids. AND that evening attended BlogaKenmore to celebrate Blogalicious in Chicago. Not done yet!! The next week I went to a launch party for the Motorola Droid with Verizon. The next day “my” Chevy Traverse got delivered and I drove it that weekend to St. Louis for one night for a graduation.

In July, I attended an engagement party, hosted a mom panel at my home, attended the annual Chosen Few House Music Picnic, went to a Chevy Chicago White Sox event with my girls (the boys were too young to go), and hung out all day on the beach for a bday party with my kids (yes, this was total relaxation!). July was a slow month! 🙂

August was ABSOLUTELY insane. I attended BlogHer in NYC which was busy, busy, busy, and overwhelming! But it was great. I hung out with some old friends, made some new friends, and made lots of great connections. And I got quite a bit of sight seeing done. NYC is awesome. I would not want to live there though. 🙂 The week after I came home from BlogHer I attended a quick demo for Sony 3D TVs. The same day I checked into theWit hotel downtown for the Kenmore Style & the Mommy Blogger vs. Foodie Blogger Cookoff. That same weekend I did photography at a 1 year old bday party, complete with Mr. Mouse. I got to sit still for about a week before packing it up to go to Austin, TX to visit AMD for their Mommy Blogger Summit. It was awesome and I did fit in some relaxation in there with a full body massage. AHHH!!

In September, I attended a 2 day tour of McHenry county, IL to get some agriculture in my life. It is a beautiful area if you are into farms, etc. It was nice. I even did a little veggie shopping. The next week I participated in a cool Twitter party for Nintendo with Mom It Forward. I attended a baby shower, and then it was off to Asheville for the Type-A Mom Conference via road trip courtesy of Ford. I spoke on Using Multimedia on Your Blog, with the great Maria Bailey and Casey Mullins, moderated by the awesome Danielle Smith. Nope, I have not written about that yet either!

You would think I would have been sitting still now, but nope…

So far October has brought about a wonderful trip to Miami to speak at Blogalicious. It was awesome! I did a session with Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie called Blogging 101. We got rave reviews. I spent a nice amount of time on the beach too. 🙂 This weekend I have to attend and do photography at an engagement party. Next week I have a quick one day trip to NYC. I have just signed up to work on a couple of other exciting things which you will hear about soon.

In November, I plan to attend an event at the Kenmore Live Studios just as a guest. And I will be speaking at the Child’s Play Blogger Panel & Brunch. More on that later. After that?? I PLAN TO SIT STILL FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND ENJOY SOME TIME WITH MY KIDS.

The kids have really been great. I’ve been able to do most stuff on the times when they would be with their Dad anyway, so I have not missed out on much mom time with them. But they certainly do notice that I have been gone a lot. They love when I come home and I usually come with goodies. We have plans to visit a pumpkin patch, decorate some pumpkins, bake apple pie and cookies, and of course get ready for Christmas which they have been asking about already.