I do a lot of product reviews. I love it. I love testing out new gadgets, and letting others know what I think about them. I also love making sure that I am actually doing a review worth reading.  And as a consumer, I also read reviews on other sites before making a purchase. I like reviews that give the pluses as well as the minuses on a product, and not just one that makes everything sound peachy. I checked out ConsumerSearch.com and was happy with what I found. Consumer Search is a website where people can go and know that they will get best cumulation of reviews on whatever product they are looking for. Categories range from Home & Garden to Electronics, and Kitchen Items. You can quickly and easily find a review on the latest cell phone, or even the newest cat food on the market!

Recently, at the Type-A Mom Conference (which I have YET to write a recap on), Christine Frietchen, who is the Editor-in-Chief of ConsumerSearch.com held a session giving us some tips on how to write great reviews.  I had the pleasure of talking with Chrisine after the session. We also hung out a bit in the evening at the closing party. Not only does she know her stuff as a professional, she is also a lot of fun! Always a nice balance (just like the balance needed in a good review!). Please check out my interview with Christine below: