If you are anything like me, a busy mom.. you might not take the time to take care for all of your CDs and DVDs like you should. I was guilty of hauling DVDs back and forth to my minivan for my kids to watch in the car. I kept them in a case, one of those multi-cd holder things. But still… in the rush of commuting, they were not always put back as carefully as they should be.  Also my kids would get their little hands on them, which meant more finger prints and scratches.

Well did you know that can be fixed? And I don’t mean the rumors about rubbing your DVD with a banana peel! I mean a true professional and reasonable service that can restore your CDs and DVDs for you. This is CD Fixers. They are the Scratch Removal Experts.

How it works

You send in your disks to CDFixers office. They repair them, test them, and mail them back to you. You can rest assured that each disk is treated with care.

Can all disks be fixed?

No, of course not. Don’t bother sending in broken or cracked disks. Sometimes miracles are not possible. Please read the FAQ for tips on the process.

You really can’t go wrong with giving it a try. Most new DVDs or CDs cost $10 – $20 each. Well instead of buying 1 new disk to replace your favorite movie, you can get 5 disks repaired for only $14.95. That’s less than $3 per disk!

I am getting ready to send in a couple of disks of my own that my kids have beat up. I can’t wait to get them back in working order. 🙂

So, if you have been holding on to those scratched disks “just in case”, stop holding them and send them in to CDFixers.com. You can also LIKE them on Facebook.