It seems that in the last few years, as mobile phone technology has moved on, it has become just as important to be able to take a photo with your phone as it is to make a phone call. With each new handset that comes out, a new and improved camera always seems to be attached to it which brilliantly allows us to take a quick snap at any time in any place. Samsung, long time competitors in the mobile phone market, are more than aware of this and have lauded the camera that comes with their latest offering the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S offers a 5-megapixel camera that’s also able to record 720p video, so in this respect it at least keeps up with its competitors in the mobile phone market and in many instances beats them for specifications. The iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Torch, often thought of as the Galaxy S’s biggest rivals also have 5-megapixel cameras so no complaints there.

The phone has no specific camera button but with an impressive touch screen but this is not such a problem. You simply touch the screen to focus your shot and then press an on screen button to take your photo. Unfortunately, there is no flash on the camera which lets the phone down slightly but the phones positives outweigh its negatives and it has some other impressive features.

The Samsung Galaxy S also includes some great settings that set the phone apart from other rivals as it allows people interested in more serious photography a chance to have a play around with different aspects of the camera. It has its own ISO settings, a macro mode, anti-shake and contrast/saturation controls; these are relatively advanced settings for a camera phone and should please a lot of users.

The phone also allows you to record HD video and despite the fact that it doesn’t have an HD display this is quite useful as using the phones DLNA streaming with the built-in AllShare feature you can stream easily to other compatible devices such as Playstation 3 and X-Box 360, an interesting feature that again sets the phone apart from a lot of its rivals.

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