As fas as Symbian phones go, I have always loved Nokia’s. The phones were always cutting edge, fun, and the designs are eye catchers. I have not personally touched a N8 just yet, but I wouldn’t mind doing so. Here is a gruest post on some of the great apps that the N8 can run.

One of the best aspects about owning a smartphone is the endless possibilities that exist for its use. Smartphones are like having your own personal computer in your hands. Apps are applications that you can download and add to your smartphone. Apps seem to come in a vast range of capabilities. The newest Nokia smartphone, N8, is no exception to the capability of running various apps.

When you own a phone made by Nokia, you can locate apps in the Ovi Store, which is Nokia’s exclusive app store. First you must install the Ovi Store on your phone in order to search its contents. Many apps you find here are free but there are some where you must pay a fee. There are roughly about 5,000 applications available in the Ovi Store. However, there are roughly 10,000 other items you can download from the Ovi Store.

The Nokia N8 comes already loaded with some applications. One of these is the Ovi Maps app. This is similar to Google Maps but Nokia’s version of the app. Ovi Maps allow users to access topographical maps. It can also function as a GPS with turn by turn navigation. The navigation is not only for motorized vehicles but also works for times when you are on foot or cycling. The appearance of the Ovi Apps is in 3-D which makes it appear much more lifelike. Another popular app that comes with the N8 is the calendar. With the calendar you can add personal notes.

Another app that comes already installed on the Nokia N8 is Quick Office. This app makes it possible to utilize files that are compatible with Microsoft Office. This makes is easy to bring up computer files such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. This application is free but does require a simple registration. Another app that comes with the Nokia N8 is a viewer that allows you to open Adobe PDF files. Zip files can also be used on the Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 is able to access popular mail clients. For instance, Google’s Gmail can be used on this phone.

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