I admit that I have wanted an iPad since they came out. However, I just could not justify “needing” it. I already have an iPhone, and it was just a larger version, right? It has still been in the back of my mind since the launch, but I have also kept my ears open for other tablets reaching the market.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab coming soon to Sprint. Sprint is making sure that their version enters the market at the top of the game with a price $200 less than the Verizon version, and $229 less than the comparable iPad on AT&T. Sprint is planning to offer the phone with a choice of data plans starting at $29.99 for 2 gigs of data.

The specs are great too. The Tab will run Android 2.2 (Froyo) which I have absolutely fallen in love with on my Evo. The OS is fairly solid. I really love the over-the-air updates when a new OS version is released versus having to connect to the computer and backup, sync, etc. like I do on my iPhone 3Gs. It can be a long process as any iPhone user knows.

The Tab has a 7″ WSVGA screen at 1024×600. That is about 2 inches smaller than the iPad. But for some, that is ideal. The battery is stated to run for 7 hours of movie play. The Tab has a camera on the front and the back to allow for video conferencing over the Sprint network. The back camera is 1.3MP and has an LED flash, which the iPad does not have. The Tab comes in a 16GB or 32GB version, and has a MicroSD slot that can accept up to 32GB making it match the largest capacity iPad.

Here is a great comparison chart of the specs of the Tab versus the iPad published by PCWorld.

Looking at that, I would definitely go for the Tab. The only thing I wonder is if a non-3G version will be available. So far I have only heard about cell carriers getting the unit. It sounds like all popular US carriers will have it. Earlier today I read that even US Cellular is on the list.

And… it has Flash! No more frustration over some websites with Flash content not playing.

Needless to say, this Samsung Galaxy Tab will be one to watch out for. I’m betting that sales will be great. The Galaxy Tab will be available on November 14th.