I like to think that I am! Seriously though, I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Lori Raygoza, creator of Chicalogic, a cool website and service to help you destress your PC. Chicalogic can scan your computer for registry errors, cleaning up remants of programs long gone to make your PC run faster.

I recently did a guest post over on that site for Chicalogic called Back That Thang Up and Keep It Clean that you should read on making your computing experience a little easier. You can also check out Chicalogic and try a FREE performance scan on your computer to see if it might be time to optimize. If so, go ahead and purchase the full version of ChicaPC-fix to get things running smoothly.

What are some tips or rules that you abide by with your computers? Do you back up regularly? Run a spyware checker once a week? Give us your tips.