The Robot Book Review & Giveaway

Just in time for Christmas, Heather Brown’s The Robot Book hits the shelves to give kids a unique look at robots. The Robot Book is a fun low tech book for kids to see what goes on under a Robot’s hood. The book is full of fun turning parts such as gears and slides that make up a robot. It is the perfect gift for kids 3 and up that love books.

A Book To Spark Young Imaginations!

This robot has two eyes, two arms, and two legs, but what really makes him tick? Inside The Robot Book, Heather Brown answers that question with an interactive story that will enchant tinkerers of all ages. The working—and moving—gears, cogs, nuts, and bolts mounted on each beautifully illustrated spread will keep little fingers busy and imaginations engaged as the charming story reveals the secret behind what really makes the robot tick.

The Robot Book is a unique way to introduce children to one of life’s most important lessons: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. With striking artwork, interactive components, and a poignant message, it’s impossible not to fall in love with The Robot Book. Perfect for year-round gift giving!

The Giveaway

Five lucky winners will get a copy of  The Robot Book. If you would like to win one for your little ones, please do the following:

Leave a comment below telling me who would get the book.

Winners will be chosen on Saturday, November 13th after 5:00 pm.

If you are not lucky enough to win one here, but you want to get one for a Christmas gift, click here to purchase the Robot Book for only around $12.

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  1. It doesn’t get better than this! My five year old, who is learning to read, loves books and robots. I always jump at opportunities to obtain books that integrate learning with play. I’d love one!

  2. my kids and husband are member of robotics society of Southern california, ( what better holiday present could i get for all three of them then this great book. thanks for the contest.

  3. This would be fabulous for some of my special ed students that are very technical and interested in things like robots! Can use this to work on all sorts of language skills.

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