Not too long ago I posted about a unique event that I attended with AMD. Well late last month I had the opportunity to also check out Intel. We have all heard of Intel. There is a huge chance that their name is posted on your desktop or laptop computer somewhere.

Not only is being able to connect with a brand such as Intel exciting for me, I am always excited to meeting other bloggers and folks in my niche that I have heard of but never had the pleasure to meet in person. This event was no exception. I met some that I had seen online, and a few that I was not familiar with, but I made some new friends.

The great folks in attendance for the event were:

I have purchased a few computers that came with Intel Processors. My main laptop which I purchased about a year ago, an HP, has a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q9000. What does that mean??? That means it is fast as heck! Multitasking is not an issue, video editing, DVD burning, etc. All of that can happen with ease.

My Acer Aspire netbook features an Intel Core 2 Solo processor which makes it more powerful than most other netbooks on the market which is why I chose that model. Even though it’s a netbook I’m able to run all of the apps that I run on  my more powerful computers and get stuff done while on the go. So we know that Intel is a great product, but do we know anything about what goes on behind the scenes at Intel?

IMG_1319I was very impressed that Intel had so many great women running things “Under the Hood”. We met Genevieve Bell, who is (get this impressive title), the Social Anthropologist.  Her job is to study how people across the world compute. She wowed us with interesting stats about how women use technology in countries across the globe. Did you know that in some places Monks bless cell phones?? Me either. 🙂

Some other interesting random facts:

  • Women account for about 50% of all cell phone users
  • Women access the internet from wireless devices more than men
  • Mostly women were the first to adapt to WiFi technology when it first came out 10 years ago
  • 56% of Facebook users are women
  • Women watch more full length TV shows online than men

Also, we know that Intel makes computers great. But what really impressed me about Intel was all the OTHER stuff that their processing power goes into. Danielle Mann laid out some of that for us. Intel is inside things that you see everyday such as billboards, cell phone towers, red light cameras, ATM machines, and even electric cars. And have you seen that really cool new Google TV?? Intel is inside that too! We saw a cool video shopping demo about a really cool Touchscreen shopping kiosk that totally looks like it was straight out of a science fiction movie.


One of the more fascinating things that we learned about was Context Aware Devices. What is that you say?? Well imagine your device knowing where you are going, when, and with who. One great thing that these phones could do is automatically turn off when a Muslim worshiper approaches the temple. The same functionality could allow your device to alert you when you are in an area nearby the great new restaurant that you have been wanting to try out. And this technology is adapted in the Personal Vacation Assistant that helps you navigate your trip and keep all things in order while keeping your family and friends back home tuned in to what is going on.


This is just a touch of the great new technologies that we learned about. I could go on and on! Intel is always working on something great, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what evolves. I’ll be talking about some of the great technology that I brought home to review in a different post.

Disclosure: Intel provided transportation for me to attend the event as well as products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.