… thanks to my friends at Clever Girls Collective and Ubisoft for an upcoming promotion. I got it all setup last night even though my TV is not worthy (old 32″ Tube). The kids and I had a ball bowling, skydiving, playing tennis. AND, I could not resist. I had to download the original Super Mario Brothers. And yes, I admit that I played it more than they did. 🙂

My boys were Mario and Luigi for Halloween so they were all about seeing that game. Everyone got a turn to play, then when they went to bed, I played some more. LOL!! No, I did not stay up all night playing games. 🙂 Yet. I see they also have the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and some other favorites available for download.

Boy did that bring back memories. I remember my best friend Melinda and I sitting for hours navigating through the worlds of Zelda fighting bad. Those were the days. Back when I actually had the name to waste in front of a video game. Sigh…

Yep, this could get sticky. 🙂

Have you checked out the new Limited Edition Red Wii? It’s snazzy!! I opted for the black one, but that red one is fancy.