Yes, really!

Back in August at BlogHer in New York I got a tweet that I won a Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag from the Mom Select Swag Suite. My first thought was “A diaper bag? Oh poo. I don’t need that. But I will go check them out anyway.” When I went over to look at the selection I was floored! I expected a “plain ole diaper bag”, but what I saw was something completely different. I got to dig through the bin and choose one.

I chose a Pearl colored Elite bag. I love the look of the bag. It’s super classy and when I carry it around I get a ton of compliments. The surprising thing is that this is NO diaper bag at all. This is a multipurpose bag with many uses. The best use that I have found for it is using it to tote around my photography gear and computing stuff!

The large top compartment has several bottle pockets, a large zipper pocket, and another large pocket. My Canon DSLR sits very safely and snuggly in bottom of the large pocket. My lenses fit perfectly into the bottle pockets, accessories can go into the other side pockets or zipper pocket. And the secondary large pocket is plenty of space for my usual purse stuff like my wallet and lip gloss, etc.

The very unique thing about this bag is the pull-out drawer on the bottom. This is PERFECT for cords and other gadgets and accessories.  AND while having it stuffed with all of this, I can still fit my 11.6 inch netbook in the back slit pocket and know that it is safely against my back!

USB keys and smaller items could go into the small side pockets on the outside of the bag or that can be used for things that you need to gt too quickly like house keys. And the bag can be used as a backpack or the strap can be put across for a shoulder bag. But I feel that it works best as a backpack since it is kind of large. The only thing that I would change about this bag is to add a 2nd strap pad for use as a backpack. It only came with one.

This is the perfect bag if I am going to be out for a while and need all my nerd gear with me!